Microblading is a method of applying semi-permanent pigment into the skin with a blade formed by fine needles. The blade is manually moved across your skin ensuring that the pigment lines are sharp, crisp and natural looking. Microblading is semi-permanent because the pigment is only being placed in the upper layers (epidermis) of the skin, unlike permanent tattoos which penetrate deeper. Compared to tattoos or more traditional forms of permanent makeup, the process is less painful and traumatic to the skin.


First Microblading Session399
Includes touch-up after 6 weeks.
6 Month Touch-Up120+
Pigment needing a refresh? We recommend a minimum waiting time of 6 months after your 6 week touch-up.
1 Year Touch-Up199+
We recommend a one year touch-up to maintain your brow shape and color integrity.
2 Year Touch-Up299+
For when you missed your 1 year touch-up. The longer you wait for your touch-up, the more pigment we will have to replace.

Am I a candidate for microblading?

Unfortunately, microblading cannot be performed if any of these contraindications apply to you:
– Open skin lesions or rash in area to be treated
– Pregnant or nursing
– Diabetic
– On blood thinners
– Taking acne medication
– Allergy to nickel
– Sun tanning/burn
– Botox or fillers within 2 months prior to microblading
– Cannot be performed on moles and keloid scars or if the Guest is prone to keloid scarring

How do I prepare for microblading?

Do not take any aspirin, ibuprofen, niacin or Vitamin E prior to procedure. You may take Tylenol before and/or after. Avoid exfoliating one week prior to procedure. Examples include, but are not limited to, regular exfoliation, scrubs, masques, facial brushes or wash clothes. Please allow 3-4 weeks between peels, retinoids or microdermabrasions before your microblading procedure. No hair removal one week prior to the service including waxing, sugaring, threading or tweezing. Please schedule a 15 minute consultation with a microblading technician to review the procedure, contraindications, brow shape/style and any other questions you might have in regards to your procedure.

What should I expect during the procedure?

Your microblading experience will begin with a thorough consultation to confirm contraindications and expectations. The microblading technician will then begin the brow mapping process. This includes discussing the style and thickness of the desired look and drawing the measurements onto the brow area for accuracy and symmetry. Microblading is a fairly comfortable procedure. With that being said, everybody experiences pain differently. There will be some discomfort in the initial 30-seconds during the lydocain application. The brow area will be cleansed thoroughly. The technician will then use a blade to poke the skin where the pigment will be deposited. This process will allow the lydocain cream to penetrate the skin. Once the skin is numb, you may feel pressure, but the discomfort should be minimum. A numbing gel can be reapplied during the procedure. During the 20 minutes absorption period, you will work with your technician to determine your customized brow color. The Li Pigments we use are specially formulated for microblading and should not fade or change color. The Harmony blades we use are single use and are not shared between Guests. The microblading procedure takes approximately two hours.

How do I take care of my brows after microblading?

DO NOTHING. For the first 48 hours, avoid water, sunlight, touching the brows and activities that induce excessive sweating (ie exercising, saunas or hot tubs). After 48 hours, you do not need to avoid water where the Microblading occured. Do not use any cleansers directly on the brows. Use only water to rinse the brow area. Apply facial product and makeup around the Microbladed brows. After 7 days, the brows should be healed and you are able to return to your regular facial and activity routines. NO SCRATCHING OR PICKING. Use a clean finger to lightly press on the brows to help relieve itching. Scabbing may continue past 7 days. Always avoid picking. You may use a clean tissue to pat away any weeping that might occur. Signs of infection include but are not limited to: excessive redness, inflammation, oozing, abnormal odor. Please see your doctor for treatment immediately if any of these reactions occur.

What should I expect during the healing process?

Adjusting to the look of new brows can feel overwhelming. Your brows will be much darker and bolder than you may be accustomed to. You will experience a variety of emotions. Please keep in mind, 70-80% of the pigment will disappear, within the initial 6 week healing process. This is why we include a 6 week touch up appointment.