Hair Cut + Style

All JAX Salon and Spa haircuts include a thorough consultation to customize every service to the guest’s needs; an invigorating shampoo and condition with scalp massage; and a natural finished style. In between haircuts, your stylists provide one complimentary bang trim or neck clean-up.

LEVEL 145+
Level 1 Stylists have completed the first year of our education program. After passing required haircut and color classes, these stylists have the proper tools and education to cut and color your hair with confidence and success. A Senior or Master Stylist oversees Fresh Talent services. Expect extra time added to your service as the stylist is still perfecting their speed and craft. Learn more about our Fresh Talent Education Program here.
LEVEL 255+
Level 2 Stylists are in this phase for approximately four years after successfully completing the Fresh Talent Education Program. Stylists begin to develop their personal craft through external Aveda advanced education courses. JAX requires each stylist to attend a minimum of two advanced courses per year. With continual education comes advanced techniques which in turn raises the benchmark bar for guest satisfaction. At this level, stylists maintain a connection with their senior mentors and start the process of becoming mentors themselves.
LEVEL 375+
Level 3 Stylists have a minimum of five years of experience and have completed the previous phases with the additional requirements of completing a minimum of 10 advanced educational courses and attending at least one Aveda Congress. Our Fresh Talent students look to our Senior Stylists as mentors. Guests’ satisfaction with a Senior Stylist must be impeccable.
LEVEL 4 95+
Level 4 Stylists have a minimum of eight years of experience and believe continual advanced education is key to staying current. With strong knowledge of all facets of the hair industry, these experts are consistently pushing our salon culture forward by keeping our salon team's techniques current and relevant.
LEVEL 5110+
Furthering the path of mastery, Level 5 Stylists have over a decade of experience and education to match. They have continued to further their knowledge in hair and current trends. These are the mentors of the salon.


Jax Blowout45-65+
Jax blowouts include a stress-relieving scalp massage, hair wash and a finished style. Want to add curls or flat-iron to your curly hair? Mention your style preference to the front desk when booking your appointment, and we would be happy to add extra time to your service.
+ Flat / Curling IronAdd-On10+
Special Occasion Styling65+
Please arrive with clean hair. Special occasion styling does not include a blow dry.
Bridal StylingConsultation
Practice Bridal StylingConsultation
Prerequisite to bridal styling.


Special Occasion Application65+
Bridal ApplicationConsultation
Makeup Lessons45+